jeudi 12 mai 2011

Shivaïsme du Cachemire à Bénares

Un habitant de Varanasi traduit en anglais les poèmes de Râmeshvar Jha ce maître authentique du shivaisme du Cachemire mort en 1981, dont nous avons nous-même tenté, dans la mesure de nos moyens, de rendre quelques vers dans ce blogue.

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  1. David,

    Many thanks for linking to
    I am attempting to publish some translation along with original text of Rameshwar Jha's writings in order to make it available to general populace.


  2. Ratish,

    Thank you very much and good luck for your efforts.
    Do you know if some other writings have been published, beside Purnatapratyabhijna and Samvitsvatantryam ?


  3. David,
    There have been some PHD thesis on his work at BHU which includes translation of sanskrit text into Hindi. Also Rameshwar Jha's correspondences with Lakshman Joo is in the proofing stage.


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