jeudi 12 février 2015


Le même homme est ami, ennemi 
Ou ni l'un ni l'autre,
Selon les manières
Dont les autres l'imaginent.
De même,
La simple conscience
Est fragmentée
- Fragmentation qui a sa source
Dans le mental.

Le soleil semble capturé
Dans l'eau des vases.
Il semble ainsi partager
Leur espace limité,
Leur forme et leur mouvement.
Pareil pour le Soi,
Capturé par les intelligences (des hommes).

Des idée imaginaires (contradictoires)
Peuvent coexister dans un seul et même être,
Tout comme une même femme
Est "désirable", "impure"
Ou "appétissante"
Pour un Don Juan, un moine
Ou un chien.

Sureshvara, La Réalisation qui ne dépend pas d'une pratique, 2, 48-50

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  1. ONLY THE WHOLE IS HOLY               
    The only good is to be one with God; and the only bad is to be separate from God. This is the truth beyond imagination. Since you can only imagine what you've already experienced, or some hybrid of it, it is impossible to imagine the good that is always good now - obviously, because it's not in your past experience.

       The imagination of humanity is a falsehood that keeps repeating itself as man's sub-creation in the psyche. Everything ever imagined, the imagined good and the imagined bad, goes on there in a vast turmoil of recirculating good and bad. And humanity goes on imagining that the 'good' will win, but when you look at it, how in this world can the good ever vanquish the bad?

       If I am dying from cancer, do you think that is bad? No, it is not bad, for I am not separate from God. So how can it be bad? It's just life going on.

       If you heal my cancer, do you think that's good? It might be sentimentally comforting. It might be convenient. It might be right. But it is not good, for the good is one with God; and as I am one with God I am already healed.

       The sick cannot heal the sick. They only make more time for the perpetuation of sickness. What is healed today must wither or die tomorrow, as Lazarus discovered.

       The saving or healing of the physical body is a psychic and imagined good, a distraction which man ignorantly makes into a high virtue; but really it is the world's cover-up. The truth is that humanity has not realised its power as the sub-creator and is not responsible for the consequences of using it.

       Everything you create, without exception, turns eventually to unhappiness. It is time to wake up, to come home, You must learn to undo your creation, dissolve your phoney heavens, hells, and healings so that you are never again trapped in psychic dreamworlds.

    Extract from the Barry Long book title:
    'The Way In' (pp 234-235)


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